Property Management

If you're looking for assistance managing your residential or commercial property, in LifeStyles Intl. Realty, Corp. we can help you achieve the highest results in receiving the full benefits of owning an investment property.

We encourage you to use ourĀ property search to find all the options we have for you or if you want to list your property with us, is only a click away!.

If need assistance in managing your home or commercial property, LifeStyles Intl. Realty Corp. can help you get the best results and full benefits of having an investment property. We will send you immediate and updated information!

We are a company focused on clientele satisfaction and much more than problem solving, we work hard in making the best decisions to avoid any set backs. We apply our skills and experience to guide and help you in occurrence of any common issues that you might encounter in your property and maintain an effective management control over it, to ensure productivity and owner/tenant satisfaction. Keeping clients on the loop and assist in decision making processes is the key to maximize return on your investment.

We Offer:

  • Tenant Contractual Agreements.
  • Monthly Rent Collection.
  • Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Payment of unit expenses.
  • Monthly Profit Report.
  • Property Inspections.
  • Legal Support with top lawyers in Panama.